Anthropology hardest college subjects reddit

Anthropology hardest college subjects reddit

College students/graduates of Reddit, what was the most difficult class you've ever taken and what made it so What made the course difficult for me was my lack of intuition regarding set theory. Cultural Anthropology.
Damn that sucks:(It must be so much harder being a woman in an environment like that. . senior level econometrics is more difficult than any pure math course I 've ever taken, but that's just me), I stopped. .. Anthropology.
Your question about the biology department at a community college in .. I'm a psychology major, and I have a much harder course load than.

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What I said was half-hearted anyway. Right now I'm only trained in the domestic animals think farm animals- cows, pigs, donkeys, sheep, and also bison, elk, bald eagles, prairie dogs and animals like small monkeys, tortoises, a toucan, and small animals like rabbits, ferrets, chickens, etc. For starters, while there may be "liberal arts minds" and "math and science minds", most people process information in much the same way. Mind if I ask for a little more detail about your further study and what your job entails? However, in addition to this, business school requires a lot of mathematics and other STEM-related skills.

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My supervisor was a great guy, he would tell the creepy ones to shut up when they got too out of line. If you find what you are learning very interesting, and would be reading about it even if you WEREN'T learning about it in college, you are going to find it easier than someone who is having to push themselves to do the work. I am a history major as well. Check out our traffic stats here! And once you've graduated and you're working in the field: We're not homeless, we're archaeologists. I spent many a-nights in the computer lab using software SPSS to analyze all the data. Anthropology hardest college subjects reddit