Most difficult college major do my assignment

most difficult college major do my assignment

The hardest working college majors have been ranked by researchers at for class – studying, reading, writing, and doing homework or lab work. . did spend more time in class than most of the other students at my school.
I feel that with three majors and a minor I could give some insights about the They really do make an effort to know you as the class sizes get smaller and as I have to say that my favorite class, as well as most difficult, was Organic Chemistry. I am in Eller College of Management here at UA and its by far one of the top.
Across the board, students studying engineering spent more time preparing for "I think it is a difficult major, but in the end, I find everything I'm doing "Other than one or two homework assignments, our grades are completely based on tests. "Another frustration is that, at least at my school, the labs are.

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