Anthropology online psychology class college credit

Anthropology online psychology class college credit

Browse All Online and Hybrid Courses ANTHRO 102 - Cultural Anthropology ; ANTHRO 102H - Cultural Anthropology - . Formerly PSYCH PSYCH 102 - Personal and Social Adjustment Course credit transfers to both CSU and UC.
Non-Traditional Online College of Liberal Arts Dept. of Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice. Courses in Anthropology. The Department offers a wide array of courses in Anthropology to meet the various 3 semester credit hours.
Why Choose an Online Anthropology Degree? More information about this major and its courses College, Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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This course is the study of real estate law with emphasis on applications in real estate brokerage and related fields. Medical, ethical, legal, philosophical, and religious considerations will be explored. Ohio Christian University offers an online B. Select up to courses from the list below. Compare the concepts of kinship and biological descent. Examine the rules that govern marriages, and the corresponding functions of marriages in various societies. 1. Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology For admissions information, please contact undergraduate admissions directly: Community College Education Corrections Leadership Criminal Justice M. University of the Incarnate Word The University of the Incarnate Word offers an online B. This course provides effective strategies for personnel management and leadership in early care and education settings. How Long Will It Take? Course credit transfers to CSU for elective credit only. The anthropology major results in a broad holistic understanding of humans and the human condition, both past and present. Anthropology online psychology class college credit

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ACCOUNTING BEST SUBJECTS TO TAKE IN HIGH SCHOOL TO PREPARE FOR THEOLOGY COLLEGE Health Information Administration Health Services Administration, B. Culture, Embodiment and the Senses. Learn more about Proctored Exams This cultural anthropology course provides a solid introduction for students who are new to the branch of cultural anthropology. Awareness and assessment of current lifestyle behaviors and choices, identification of risk factors, and implementation of prevention strategies are emphasized. The topics discussed include: Relevant anthropological theories Ethnocentrism and culture Language and communication Economic and political systems Kinship and descent Marriage and family Gender and sexuality Race and ethnicity Religion and belief systems The effects of colonialism and industrialization Globalization. Individuals interested in pursuing an online degree in anthropology should consult the program description from the UCF catalog for a complete list of the core requirements.
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