Soft a level subjects an a essay

soft a level subjects an a essay

In assessing applicants taking A- levels for all Cambridge courses, Trinity takes into consideration not only the individual A- level subjects offered but also the.
I study sociology, media, English language and maths: a mix of " soft " and traditional subjects. I find the " soft " subjects are interesting and useful.
' Soft ' subjects can be looked down on in some places and looked on very a pretty good bet if you want to do an “ essay ” subject at university.

January 2017: Soft a level subjects an a essay

Soft a level subjects an a essay 602
Equine Studies thesis paper writing service Your A-level options will make a much bigger difference to your future career. This view is outdated, and just isn't true. However, I am worried it will be too science based. I am definitely going to study English, Art, Psychology at AS level at least, but I am unsure whether to take sociology or religious studies, with philosophy and ethics as my fourth option. Do universities look at your GCSE results? At the moment I am not sure about a particular field that I want to go into, however some I have narrowed it down to law, medicine or psychology.
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Soft a level subjects an a essay Most popular secondary education teaching subjects for college students essay topics for college eng
English degrees school order English literature is for an extra A and Mandarin Chinese is cause I want to learn a foreign language. As for Psychology, Sociology and History, that depends on why you struggle with History. Science students need lab experience, but it's nearly impossible to get. If you feel up to the challenge, why not go the whole hog and do it at A-level? Or should I take additional mathematics right now?
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