Most useless degrees 2017 list essay

most useless degrees 2017 list essay

Check out our list of the worst majors and get tips on how to plan for the There are a lot of reasons why a particular major might make it more.
By far the most popular major in recent years, psychology, is also one of the Economics majors, for example, earn — 18 percent — more on . As a result, ranking the majors by underemployment yields a somewhat different list than ranking them by earnings. . Like · Reply · Jan 6, 2017.
As an Ivy League institution and the seventh oldest university in the U.S., Brown University is recognized as one of the most prestigious in the.
most useless degrees 2017 list essay You'll also find the Web's busiest discussion community related to college admissions, and our CampusVibe section! Do you agree with the sentiment that these majors that most useless degrees 2017 list essay in high demand should be avoided or should students be encouraged to pursue their passion regardless of potentially high unemployment rates? I was considering an art major for a long while because guess what, I love to draw and paint! Yet we always see the scientists creating amazing new and sometimes useless inventions that might influence kids to become a scientist. Sign In or Register to comment. It's like you have to be known or popular in order to make a profit so that you can sell your products.

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Workers who recently earned an engineering B. Fighting crime is no easy task and is not meant for everyone. Will Buyout Season Help The Cavs And Warriors? Many employers will view your past employment history as more important that your college major, especially as you get older. Fortunately, there are well-paying majors even for the non-technically inclined, although some comfort with math still helps. Thank you, and goodnight.